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  I am an ISA Certified Arborist Fl-5804A

  All work is performed to the ANSI Standards assuring the work is correct according to today's standards!

  We do not try to be the cheapest Tom, Dick & Harry tree and landscape service, instead we provide an exceptional value at a fair price which in the long run is cheaper and you, your trees and landscape are happier!
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Tulip Poplar Pruning Near Maryville, Tn.
White Oak Pruning in Seymour, Tn. Nice view!
White Oak Prune near Maryville, Tn. in Seymour, Tn.
White Oak in Seymour, Tn.
White Oak in Seymour, Tn.
Christmas Light installation. Maryville, Tn.
Guying installation on a Mango tree in St.Petersburg, Fl.
Root flare excavation and guying Mango tree.
Live Oak root flare excavation.
Live Oak pruning and canopy inspection. Indian Rocks Beach, Fl.
Fallen Dead Pine tree. Laurel Oak caught it before it took out wires, fence and corner of the house.
Tree gone and on the ground.
Pine on the ground.
My little friend.
Rec. Climb practice makes perfect.
Geezers in The Treezers!
Canopy elevation
The end result of tree topping!
Crepe Myrtles: If you must this is how.
Dead Hickory: Borer infestation.
Hickory down no damage.
Pruning work in Farragut, Tn.
Hickory pruning in Tellico Village Loudon, Tn.
How to kill a tree.
Lightning Damage
After Shrub and Tree Pruning.
After Shrub and Tree Pruning.
Girdling Roots on a Maple in Tellico Village Tennessee.
Adventitious roots started from volcano mulching. Notice the start of girdling roots caused by the mulch.
Straps left on the rootball girdling the trunk and also has large girdling root embedded in the trunk. The tree is going to die.
ISA Certified Arborist FL-5804A
 Photos of tree work I've done from 
 Maryville, Tn. to St.Petersburg, Fl.